COVID-19 consequences: Researchers warn of the risk of erectile dysfunction

Covid-19 pandemic is constantly presenting new consequences for long-term health. Experts warn that deterioration or complete erectile dysfunction may occur as a long-term consequence of Covid-19 infection. Emmanuele Jannini from the University of Rome is not surprised by the results. He claims that the physical and mental discomfort caused by the Covid-19 infections clearly leads to a problematic erection.

COVID-19 can temporarily affect male fertility by up to 50%!

Men infected by COVID-19 temporarily lost up to 50% sperm cells per milliliter of ejaculate. Sperm motility and ejaculate volume are also significantly reduced. Experts comment on this issue: "I wouldn't be surprised if the virus temporarily reduced sperm production. People who get infected with COVID-19 have low immunity. Even a regular flu can temporarily cause a decrease in sperm count. The question is how long the condition will last and whether this state can be fixed" Says Dr. Shobha Gupta. "Any viral infection, like COVID-19, can lead to at least high fever and reduced sperm count and motility. It is too early to propose any solution, as changes in sperm count and quality can take up to 4 months after infection" Says Dr. Shweta Goswami.

How has Covid-19 changed our sexual habits and what is the cause?

If you spend more time at home in forced or unforced isolation, you may be more sexually active. Conversely, you may have seen a decline in sexual activity due to decreased partner meetings. How are others doing, according to studies? NBC News surveyed 9,000 people:
  • 24% of them said that the infection had a positive effect on their sex lives
  • 28% of people said that COVID did not change their sexual habits
  • 47% reported a negative impact of Covid on their sex lives
The pandemic demanded a curfew. This condition leads to demonstrably fewer contacts between potential partners and leads to depression, stress and anxiety. Stress can rapidly reduce libido. For some, on the other hand, sex can drive away unpleasant thoughts and divert attention from current issues. The problem is also exacerbated by older people who suffer from blood flow related health problems. This weakens men's erections and makes it difficult for them to maintain it. The depression is a separate chapter, meaing that staying in isolation allows for its breeding grounds. Depression has been shown to disrupt hormonal levels important for sexual libido. People with depression also often take antidepressants, which have a negative effect on erection, sexual function, libido and can lead to erectile dysfunction. ES | IT | DE | FR | EN

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