What shrinks and what, on the contrary, enlarges the male genitalia

Just as all women want to have firm beautiful breasts, the men's pride has always been primarily the penis. And even though its size doesn't matter, its strength definitely does. Here, one of the biggest killers is obesity, which genuinely shrinks the penis. Aging, loss of testosterone and especially obesity. These are the primary culprits of penis shrinkage. According to surveys, with every ten kilograms of overweight, penis optically shortens by an average of one centimeter. As Dr. Marco Samplaski explains, fat contains an enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen, which can cause erection problems and testicular shrinkage. On top of that, fat in the pubic area complicates urination. The more fat accumulates in the lower abdomen, the smaller the penis seems. According to American doctor Ronald Tamler, a huge belly can make penis disappear completely. However, this is not just about appearance. From a health perspective, it is much more dangerous to have fat in the small arteries of the penis, which can cause clogging and consequently reduce the function of the penis. Anatomical and functional changes of the penis can then occur due to the deposition of collagen in the tissue of the penis. If collagen accumulates unevenly in the tissue, the penis may become curved. The view of traditional Chinese medicine When someone has a lot of muscle, he also has a lot of testosterones, or yang energy, which is male power. If a man doesn't do sports and doesn't strengthen his yang in any way, it starts to wane. In addition, once he starts taking a lot of estrogen in the form of sweets, beer, etc., yin, which is feminine energy, starts to increase. And usually then, "the more yin, the less yang" and thus bigger breasts, smaller penis and weaker erections.

Aging also brings other changes in the crotch

"As testosterone declines, the appearance of the penis gradually begins to revert to the pre-pubertal period - when it lacked pubic hair in the first place," confirms sexologist and editor of the American professional journal Sexual Medicine Irwin Goldstein. Often there is also a shrinking of the penis. "If a 30-year-old man's penis is 15.2 centimeters long when erect, by the time he is 60 or 70, it will be at most 1.5 to 2 centimeters shorter," Goldstein points out. Around the age of 40, the testicles may also shrink. While at thirty a man's testicle averages three centimeters, at sixty it is only two.

Width is more important than length

Supposedly, it is not true that a longer penis is more satisfying for a woman. The length of the vagina is roughly 9.5 cm and most women experience clitoral (not vaginal) orgasms. If women are interested in the size of the penis, its thickness is more important to them. Many men wake up in the morning with an erect penis. "This kind of erection is controlled by a different part of the brain than the one that controls erection during sexual arousal," explains psychoanalyst Paul Joannides for Psychology Server. Aside from the fact that morning erections can make for an awkward social moment, they're not usually very pleasant either. Penis can be very sensitive or even painful, although paradoxically the erection in the morning tends to be of better quality than during sexual arousal.

How about the size

The average size of a penis at rest is around 7 cm in length and 2.6 cm in width. After erection, it lengthens to about 12-15 cm and expands to about 3-4 cm in diameter, with the longest erect penis measuring 35 cm. To achieve this, 100-140 ml of blood needs to be delivered to the corpus spongiosum. For a young man this happens within five seconds. However, penises differ from each other not only in length and thickness, but also in the angle during erection.

How to enlarge it

If we leave aside hereditary predispositions, then its primarily diet and sport. Smoking shortens the penis. The penis shrinks by up to one centimeter. Due to nicotine, calcium deposits are accumulated in the penis and its tissue cannot enlarge as much during erection. The penis can supposedly be lengthened by massage. The method of the Sudanese Arabs: massage the penis for half an hour every day with long strokes as if milking... But the visible result doesn't appear until after a year… Sunlight increases testosterone levels by up to twenty percent and boosts erections. While emotions such as anger or nervousness virtually eliminate erections, erections do occur under fear. Therefore, it is technically possible for a woman to rape a man. The 100% erection killer is hard liquor. When it comes to beer, have three at most so you don't fail in bed. Erections, on the other hand, are enhanced by wine, especially red wine.

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