Avanafil effectivness

What Remedy Do Avanafil Drugs Provide to Men Health Issues?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is referred to as the incapability of a man to have an erection. Without an erection, a man cannot be able to perform sexual intercourse and if this goes unresolved, it can bring a toll on a couple’s sexual life. Avanafil medication, therefore, was created to solve this problem so that couples can continue to enjoy their sexual life. Avanafil causes an increase of the blood flow to the penis, enabling the man to have a hard-on in readiness for sex.

How is Avanafil used?

Avanafil tablets are taken after a doctor’s approval. When you visit your doctor, he/she will conduct tests and examinations and tell you whether you can take Avanafil or other related drugs. The drug comes in the dosages of 50mg, 100mg and 200mg and is taken orally. The dose should be taken between 15-30 minutes before having sex. The dosage should also not be taken for more than once in a period of 24 hours. Keep your Avanafil tablets at room temperature.

What are the side effects of Avanafil?

Some of the common side effects of Avanafil include a headache, dizziness, running nose, ingestion and others not listed here. If any of these effects persist, consult with your doctor right away. Some of the unusual but likely effects include nausea, chest pains, blurred vision and decrease in hearing, swelling of certain body parts, difficulty in breathing and others. If you experience either of these, also seek medical attention immediately. Also, consult your doctor if your erection prolongs for more than 4 hours.

What are the precautions for Avanafil?

Before taking the Avanafil drugs, the first and foremost thing to do is visit your doctor, to establish whether your health allows you to partake in it or not. Disclose to your doctor about your health history and whether you recently or are currently taking any medications, and for what illnesses. This is because Avanafil should not be taken together with drugs that contain nitrates.
If you are taking Avanafil, do not smoke or take alcohol to avoid slowing down the flow of blood to the penis. Remember that this medication will not protect you from getting sexually transmitted infections and diseases so take caution on that too.

If you would like to take another drug in place of Avanafil, go for Cenforce 100mg. Cenforce tablets (Cenforce 100mg) work in the very similar way.


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