Potency enhancer Clavin: A man’s best friend in the bedroom

If you are reading this article, it is highly probable that you are suffering from some form of impotence. This condition can manifest itself in two ways: erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. However, this disease can be easily treated with a PDE-5 inhibitor like Clavin. The product is 100% plant-based and as a result, the risks of experiencing side-effects are minimal. Clavin is a libido booster that was initially developed in the Czech Republic. The aim was to offer a sexual enhancer with the highest standards of safety. Experts in the medical community have given it their seal of approval. It should be noted that the negative effects of using Clavin are negligible. The ingredients used in this libido-booster are plant-based.

Clavin potency pills: effectivity against erectile dysfunction

Clavin stimulates the effects of Viagra. They are both PDE-5 inhibitors. This compound has one specific goal: to increase blood circulation in the body. This simple phenomenon is linked to a variety of positive effects, including the alleviation impotence. When a patient ingests Clavin, the initial positive effects take about 1-6 hours to manifest themselves. Clavin induces a beneficial effect on the body known as the "delta effect". The active ingredient enables the heart to pump more blood into the genital area. Neural receptors ensure that this blood is stored in the elastic veins of the penis. This makes the area turgid and hard, the result of which is an erection. This elevates the testosterone level in a man's body. As a result, he feels more at ease and relaxed.

Instructions for an effective dosage

4 tablets of Clavin are to be taken 1-6 hours before engaging in sex. This is to be taken preferably with a glass of water. Alcohol should be avoided. The positive effects can last several hours. A man usually has a rock hard penis for this duration and experiences multiple erections.

Contents of the package

A single pack of Clavin contains 20 pills. Along with the original contents of the package, 8 pills are offered for free. This product is manufactured in the Czech Republic. Bring home Clavin today and leave your girlfriend breathless in the bedroom with your newly-acquired alpha traits! Although, we currently don’t have Clavin in stock, you can still try a libido-booster that has been certified to be equally as effective against erectile dysfunction: Kamagra Original.

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