Vardif Oral Strips 20mg

Active Substance
Package Contents
10 thin strips
One Strip Contains
Onset of Effect
5-10 Minutes
Duration of Effect
up to 12 Hours
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Known as an orally disintegrating strip, Vardif Oral Strips 20mg, is used by adult males who are unable to attain and maintain a full erection to engage in sexual intercourse. There are many psychological and physiological factors that hinder men from having a natural penile erection; what’s important to remember is that they are able to seek help and use solutions such as Vardif Oral Strips 20mg for this purpose.

Vardif Oral Strips 20mg - Information and Dosage

One of the main benefits of using Vardif Oral Strips 20mg is that they provide the user with the convenience of using a liquid solution rather than typical pills or medication; this also helps to maintain an accuracy of the dosage.   Each orange strip will dissolve immediately as it touches a wet surface; this will take place in a matter of seconds when placed on your tongue. You would not have to feel like you are taking traditional medication; it will feel as if you are chewing gum.   Since the absorption takes place immediately, you would be able to engage in sexual intercourse in 15 minutes. The erection will be achieved faster if there is proper stimulation as well. The effects of the dosage will last for four hours; so, therefore, you don't have to worry about taking this a few times.   The active ingredient of this is the Vardenafil. Each strip contains a dosage of 20mg. Their films are only 40-140 microns thick; therefore, you would feel like you are having a gum. This can be consumed in public without looking suspicious and does not require water; therefore, you can use it minutes before you engage in sexual intercourse. This is ideal if the person suffering from ED needs rapid action. Since they are mint flavoured, it can be consumed without drawing too much attention leaving a pleasant aftertaste.

Side Effects

Due to its rapid action and low side effects, the Vardif Oral Strips 20mg have been very popular with affected men in recent years. Unfortunately, side effects of all medications can never be completely ruled out. In rare cases, affected men report a headache, facial flushing or a dripping nose after taking Vardif Oral Strips 20mg. Also, hot flashes, mild dizziness or mild visual disturbances can show. In case of such or similar symptoms, a doctor should definitely be consulted. Until the medical examination, it is not recommended to continue taking a sexual enhancer. This is also the case if the erection still persists even after the actual effect of 12 hours.


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