Vardeforce 20mg

Active Substance
One Tablet Contains
Package Contents
10 coated tablets
Onset of Effect
30-60 Minutes
Duration of Effect
4-5 Hours
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Vardeforce 20mg is the effective countermeasure against any erectile dysfunction. This drug was produced by the renowned pharmaceutical company Zenit Pharma, a modern and widely recognized manufacturer in the world of drugs for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. Its standards meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The most important benefits caused by this drug are the long duration, which can last up to 12 hours, and an effect that occurs already after 30 minutes from taking the drug.

About Vardeforce 20mg

The Vardeforce 20mg is part of our Generic Levitra family. This means that the active ingredient vardenafil is contained in the 20-milligram dosage. Specifically, the Vardeforce 20mg ensures that you recover your erection much faster and carefree. The proven active substance vardenafil has been used in a wide variety of potency products and has proven to be very effective. It stimulates the blood circulation in the body and achieves a stiffer erection. In this way, you and your partner can make their intimate hours much more intense.

Dosage, Ingestion and Effect

As mentioned, Vardeforce 20mg is in the 20mg dosage. Despite the low dosage, we advise every first-time user to halve the dose. If you still want a stronger effect, you can always take the remaining half. The intake is simple: you take the tablet with a glass of water. Note that the effect begins after 15 to 30 minutes. In addition, a sexual appeal should be given. Because Vardeforce 20mg supports erections, but cannot cause any alone. Ideally, take the tablet immediately before foreplay on an empty stomach. This allows the active substance to enter the bloodstream fastest. Oily meals or excessive alcohol consumption slow down the intake and may limit the effect. One tablet of Vardeforce 20mg has approximately the duration of action of 12 hours. Of course, you do not have a permanent erection. It is important to keep in mind that for the effect to occur, sexual stimulation is necessary.

Side effects

Vardeforce 20mg is a very compatible product thanks to its low dosage. Nevertheless, it should be noted that it is the effective drug, that can have some side effects. The most common side effects that can occur when taking Vardeforce 20mg are a headache, dizziness, increase in body temperature or a running nose. All of these symptoms of Vardeforce 20mg are harmless during the duration of its effect. However, if these symptoms still appear afterward, please contact your doctor immediately.


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