Dapoxetine 60mg

Can Dapoxetine Be Taken Daily And Does It Treat Impotence?

Most men don’t last up to a minute in bed, leaving their partners dissatisfied. Not only that, being unable to satisfy your partner in bed can lead to depression. The good news is the solution you seek is right here. Dapoxetine is the first oral medicine available on the market for treating early ejaculation. Sadly, it is not currently available in all countries, but it’s getting more approvals every year. Equally impressive is the fact that Dapoxetine can be taken daily and it safe for use.

Dose Levels

Keep in mind that the drugs is not a permanent cure for early ejaculation – it has to be taken whenever you want to have sex. It has shown to be highly effective in delaying orgasm. More so, Dapoxetine comes in 2 different dose levels – 30mg and 60mg. For starters, you should go with the 30 mg version during which time you’ll observe for any reactions before taking it a step further to 60 mg. it is best to contact your physician before using the drug.

Why is Dapoxetine so Special

Over the years, men suffering from early ejaculation have been advised to take anti-depressants. The main problem with anti-depressants is that you need to use them daily for optimum performance. This is to delay ejaculation whenever you want to have sex any time of them. But is it wise to take anti-depressant drugs daily even if you’re not diagnosed with depression? If you continue to use, you may end up facing some of the common side effects of anti-depressant. On the contrary, Dapoxetine is considered to be more effective than any antidepressants. Since it absorbs almost immediately, you can take it a few minutes before sex. Also, the body gets rids of the drugs fast, reducing the risk of side effects. Though safe for daily use, you don’t have to commit to taking the drugs every day. Just like Dapoxetine, you can use Vilitra 20 mg (Vilitra 20mg) for treating premature ejaculation. It gives you a better experience while having sex. Plus, it is safe to buy Vilitra online. Get your sex life back up.

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