Volume Pills Medication

Are Volume Pills Safe?

Volume pills are containing natural and herbal ingredients that can be taken to relieve erectile dysfunction problems in patients. By using this product, one stands to benefit in the way that they get higher semen volume for intense orgasms.

Who Makes the Volume Pills?

They are made by Leading Edge Health, a company based in the United States and a popular natural health remedies manufacturer. All products made by the company are known to be of high quality, value and harmless in nature. One can buy this drug even without prescription.

Are They Safe?

It suffices to say that Volume Pills are safe. They also adhere to GMP standards and have received positive nods from a number of doctors.

Are They Effective?

The active ingredients give users an aphrodisiac feeling. The general reproductive health of users is also improved. The result of high blood flow in the male reproductive organ enables one to have high-quality erections. Orgasms are also intensified as a result of more semen passing through the passage.

Active Ingredients

• Ku Gua: An agent tasked with improving production of testosterone in the body. High testosterone levels imply higher physical and sexual performance.
• Tian Men Dong: This is the active ingredient that helps boost one’s endurance for amplified sexual performance.
• Other ingredients include Embilica Officinalis, zinc oxide, Xi lan rou gui and Xian mao.


• Give users strong hard erections
• Boost stamina and energy levels
• Boost the sex drive of the user
• Sustain a natural testosterone production
• Improve the sensitivity of the penis.
• The increased amount of semen for intense orgasms
• Provide endurance for long-lasting pleasure

How Should One Use the Product?

You must be above the age of 18 to be allowed to take a maximum of 2 tablets in a day. It is also recommended that they be taken a few hours prior to all forms of sexual activity.

Super AVANA 160mg

(Super AVANA 160mg) Super Avana medication can serve as an alternate working option. It prolongs and sustains penile erections thus partly solving erectile dysfunction problems.

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