Staxyn vs Levitra

Are Levitra and Staxyn The Same For Treating ED Problems?

Staxyn and Levitra are both produced by the same company. Levitra has been on the market long before Staxyn. Also, both drugs are designed essentially to prevent erectile dysfunction. Staxyn, on the other hand, has gained a reputation as an innovative medication for helping men experiencing impotency issues feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to having sex.
Although it contains virtually the same ingredients as Levitra, Staxyn dissolves faster making it a more effective drug than its competitor.

What Staxyn Does

Staxyn helps to increase and regulate blood flow to the penis. Not only that, the drug traps the blood there for an extended period resulting in a faster and longer lasting erection. There are some chemicals that help the penis work effectively. Once the penis gets these chemicals in insufficient quantities, it lacks the right amount of blood flow to help gain an erection. Fortunately, Staxyn contains these chemicals in large quantity, causing the blood to flow to the penis thus resulting in an erection.

Difference between Levitra and Staxyn

Though both drugs have a lot in common, there is just one major difference. Unlike Levitra which is a medication pill, Staxyn is a dissolving tablet that starts work within few minutes of intake. It immediately dissolves into the bloodstream as soon as it enters the mouth. This helps the user gain an erection in a lot less time.


Staxyn is expected to start work in about 15 – 30 minutes after intake giving it an edge over other erectile dysfunction treatment drugs that need to be taken a few hours prior to sex. Given its fast effect, it is recommended to not take more than one tablet within 24 hours. This will prevent the user from overdosing on certain ingredients used in the drugs.

If Staxyn is not used as recommended, it can cause severe damage to the health of the user. If your erection still persists after 24 hours, then you should seek medical attention immediately. If you are looking for an effective alternative for treating impotence, Tadaforce 20 mg is certainly an option to consider. With Tadaforce 20 mg (Tadaforce 20mg), you don’t have to wait a long time before gaining an erection.

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