The Ideal Dose of EROGAN, FOR unlimited hours of pleasure

Erogan has proven since its discovery to be one of the most popular and important allies for men who are eager to recover or enjoy a full sex life, despite age or any form of problem.

What is Erogan?

Erogan is a simple but forceful solution to any problem that can occur in the body of a man, which prevents him from achieving an erection and maintaining it during sex This is because the medicine concentrates in a small pill, a perfect combination of natural components such as Ginseng root, L-arginine and cornflower extract. It works safely and its effectiveness can be compared to Kamagra valif oral jelly 20mg vardenafil (Valif Oral Jelly 20mg).

What is Erogan good for?

This tablet, does not only improves blood circulation and fights premature ejaculation, but it also reduces stress, ensure emotional balance and the increase libido; in other words, it positively affects the nervous and the circulatory system. Considering its effects and consequences, exactly when it comes to taking of Erogan:
  • In the case of a man under 40 years of age, it is recommended to try half a tablet and depending on the response, a full tablet can be given. This is because youth can maximize it effect.
  • From 40 to 50 years old, one tablet a day may be more than enough; although it may be recommended to take two tablets in a day, and even every day for better results
  • When you turn 50, the rules change on the dosage of Erogan, at this stage a single pill may be the safe dose to avoid complications, although a second pill may be prescribed

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