Valif 20mg

Package Contents: 10 coated tablets
Active Substance: Vardenafil
One Tablet Contains: 20mg
Onset of Effect: 20-30 Minutes
Duration of Effect: up to 12 Hours

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Erectile dysfunction can lead you towards many frustrating instances in life and that’s where Valif 20mg can assist you with.


Valif 20 mg also known by its generic name of Vardenafil is the key ingredient in assisting in erectile dysfunction in men. They fall under a category of phosphodiesterase inhibitors (type 05). What they do is relax the blood vessels within the penis so that helps the blood to flow when they are aroused. It must be mentioned that Valif 20mg do not help with gaining sexual arousal, only assist in a penile erection.

Valif 20 mg – Information and Dosage

The effectiveness of the Valif 20mg tablets is the Vardenafil. These tablets are taken orally to treat erectile dysfunction in men. This is a common occurrence is men where their penis does not harden when they are sexually aroused and are unable to engage in sexual intercourse. This leads to low self-esteem and also issues in men causes rifts in relationships


When an adult male is stimulated sexually, the body will automatically pump more blood to his penis. This results in a penile erection. Valif 20mg tablets help by increasing the blood flow so that men who suffer from this condition can receive assistance in maintaining an erection. Once he completes sexual intercourse, the erection will ease away.


Tablets should not be consumed if the age of the adult is over 65 years without a physician’s instructions. For many, the starting dosage is 10mg and based on the efficacy and tolerability, this is eventually increased by 5mg. Valif 20mg should be consumed orally an hour prior to engaging in sexual intercourse. It could be taken without or without meals, this does not affect the performance or strength of the tablet.


Valif Tabletten 20 mg – Side Effects

There are no harmful side-effects; however, it is best that these tablets are not taken more than once during a span of 24 hours a day.


Do not take this medication if:

  • You are allergic to the main ingredient of the drug or other ingredients
  • You are below the age of 18 years


Talk to your doctor if:

  • you suffer from any kidney or liver problems
  • you suffer from heart disease including heart failure in the last 6 months
  • you take other medications
  • you are suffering from other ailments


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