Cenforce 100mg

Package Contents: 10 coated tablets
Active Substance: Sildenafil
One Tablet Contains: 100mg
Onset of Effect: 30-60 Minutes
Duration of Effect: 4-6 Hours

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Thanks to Cenforce 100mg, you can leave your erection problems behind once and for all. Cenforce 100 mg is characterized by a truly surprising speed of action.


The Cenforce 100mg drug can be considered a 100% substitute for Viagra. A drug is therefore not only able to remedy the erective disorders, even in the most serious cases, guaranteeing a satisfying sex life and consequently a better life. Thanks to Cenforce 100mg the erection will be powerful and at the same time long lasting. The effect of this drug, in fact, that acting as a vasodilator increases the blood flow in the body, can last up to 6 hours from the time of ingestion. The pharmaceutical company Vadhaman Lifecare came onto the market with this medicine several years ago, and since then Cenforce has become a direct competitor of Viagra.

What is the active substance contained in Cenforce 100mg?

Each Cenforce 100mg pill contains exactly 100mg of Sildenafil, which is the same active ingredient contained in Viagra; Cenforce 100mg is, in fact, an equivalent drug and can be considered a 100% substitute for Viagra.

What is the recommended dosage of Cenforce 100mg?

The daily dose of 100mg, so a Cenforce 100mg pill should never be exceeded for any reason. If it is the first assumption of this drug it is good to start taking only half a tablet of the same and only in the case in which after about 30-60 minutes, there are still no effects, then it is possible to take also the second half. It is necessary to keep in mind that this drug is not an aphrodisiac, therefore, for the effect to occur, sexual stimulation is necessary. The effect of the drug, as mentioned previously, lasts about 6 hours. Before taking Cenforce 100mg it is recommended to avoid foods rich in fats and alcohol, which could reduce or delay the effect of the drug itself.

Who should not take Cenforce 100mg?

The drug should be avoided by individuals who have suffered a heart attack and/or are suffering from other heart conditions. The drug must also be avoided by individuals with blood pressure problems (both high and low), or coagulation disorders. Another type of subjects, who cannot take Cenforce 100mg, are those with angina pectoris. The drug may have interactions with other medicines containing nitrates and nitric oxide.

In any case of uncertainty it is necessary to consult it with your doctor, in order to know if you can take this drug or not; remember that the consultation with the doctor is still necessary in any case before the drug is taken for the first time.

What side effects can occur?

In general, Cenforce 100mg is a drug normally well tolerated by most of the subjects, since it is still a drug, it can have side effects.

The most commonly encountered side effects when taking Cenforce 100mg are a headache, rhinorrhea, dizziness, flushing of the face and visual disturbances.

In the event that one of the above-mentioned effects occurs after taking the drug, it is necessary to consult with your doctor and stop taking it until you have obtained the go-ahead from the doctor.

How to keep Cenforce 100mg?

The drug should not be stored at temperatures above 30°C, the pills should be kept in their original packaging until the time of ingestion, so as to protect them from moisture.


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