How To Get Guaranteed Ejaculate Volume Increase

How To Get Guaranteed Ejaculate Volume Increase

A recent study concludes that men, who are dissatisfied with their ejaculate volume experience relationship complications, stress, fear of failure, or severe performance anxiety. A great influence is also caused due to unrestricted access to pornography, where actors experience massive ejaculation and orgasms that last up to several minutes..

Is it realistic at all? Is it possible to increase the ejaculate volume?

What is the healthy ejaculate volume?

Average ejaculate volume of a healthy man does not exceed 3-5 milliliters per ejaculation. Repeated ejaculation naturally leads to decreased volume. Age also plays a role. Sperm production peaks between 30-35 years, after which the amount slowly decreases.

Is the ejaculate volume important?

Looking from the point of view of fertility and intimate health, the volume does not matter that much. The quality is always much more important. It is determined by the lifestyle - whether you smoke, drink alcohol and your sex life as well. It is also important to avoid unnecessary testicle heat.

How to visibly increase the ejaculate volume?

1) Give your body enough time to produce new sperm

Repeated ejaculation in a short period naturally reduces the ejaculate volume. To maintain the ideal quantity and quality, experts recommend ejaculating only once every 2 to 3 days.

2) Maintain a healthy weight

Studies state that up to 33% of obese men have reduced sperm production. 7% of them do not even have any active sperm present in their ejaculate!

3) Eat antioxidant rich foods

Antioxidants support sperm production. These nutrients can be found mainly in fruits and vegetables. Eat vegetables as a side dish to every meal.

4) Do sports regularly, but in moderation

Regular exercise is healthy, but should also be done in moderation. Avoid extremely exhausting workouts. Excessive physical activity can decrease sperm production.

What to do in case of a scarce ejaculate volume?

If your ejaculate volume is miniscule, even if you are sexually abstinent and follow a healthy lifestyle, it is time to see a sexologist, who will check your sperm using a spermiogram. This is a non-invasive procedure, where you submit a sperm sample and just wait for the result. The most common cause is a hormonal imbalance and it is important to find out exactly what caused the lack of hormones and to treat this disorder in a targeted manner.

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