How sexual confidence looks like?

A sexually confident person is one who is comfortable with his or her body, and is aware that he or she deserves to experience pleasure, even if his or her physical attributes do not conform to those imposed by society's erroneous standards of beauty. You must accept that you too deserve pleasure, happiness and sexual enjoyment. Be confident in your body and all it has to offer to you, understand your sensuality and explore it in a healthy way.

Don't be silent about your sexual desires.

Having sexual desires and fantasies is a part of your life, and you should not be ashamed of it; on the contrary, you should communicate your desires to your partner. Just as you should express what you want, you should also listen, because in sex sometimes there is not just one language, and we must use our own words to express our desires and fantasies.

Limits are part of the fun.

Don't be afraid to set safe limits that ensure you enjoy the sex without discomfort. You can't develop sexual confidence if you are constantly being disrespected or pushed to the limit. But you must also listen carefully to your partner´s limits has to set, without pressuring or judging their desires. Respect and acceptance are key to sexual confidence.

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