Get longer performance in bed: Improve your ejaculation

How long does an ejaculation last on average?

If you take a while to ejaculate, you might question whether this is "normal." However, the question of what an average ejaculation time looks like truly doesn't have a good answer.

In order to determine the typical ejaculation time, one study collected data from men in five different countries. They discovered that the majority of guys ejaculated four or more minutes after penetration. The average wait until ejaculation for vaginal sex, according to another study involving 500 couples, was 3 to 7 minutes.

Of fact, these figures don't provide a complete picture. Only heterosexual couples were evaluated in the studies, leaving out a wide range of other demographics. Additionally, the duration solely included penetration-based vaginal sex and excluded foreplay.

There are methods to extend your longevity even if you last a "average" length of time yet struggle to enjoy sex.

How to stay in bed longer

You must determine the cause of your problem in order to develop the best plan. Some techniques will put the emphasis on you, while others will deal with your partner's enjoyment.

Increase foreplay

Foreplay should be intensified or added if you're concerned about your partner's contentment. Another strategy is to switch to sex positions they find more enjoyable. This is especially true for heterosexual couples because men and women typically take different amounts of time to complete tasks.

Women frequently find it more difficult to finish an orgasm from penetrative sex alone because they need more direct clitoral stimulation. Only 18% of women reported having an orgasm through vaginal penetration in a poll of more than 50,000 respondents.

One of the best ways to close the orgasm gap and increase sexual happiness is to start with fingerplay, oral sex, or by asking your partner what they enjoy.

Try to edge

Although it takes some practice to master, edging can assist prolong the orgasmic period. You might wonder what edging is. This method entails getting very close to ejaculating but stopping once the sensation has passed. These breaks might calm things down and lengthen the duration of your sex encounter.

There are numerous techniques for edging. You can try pausing intercourse or masturbation until you no longer feel like you're going to complete, which is known as the stop-start approach. Another option is the squeeze technique, in which you or a partner squeezes your penis until you become calm.

Bring playthings for sex into the bedroom

Utilizing a toy they enjoy might help bridge any gaps between when you finish and when your partner does. The enormous range of sex toys is one of its best features. To concentrate on getting your spouse to that sweet spot before intercourse, you can consider using a vibrator during foreplay or sex.

Make out before having sex

It could take some trial and error to find the best solution here. Find a time for masturbation that is close enough before sex to allow you to feel excited and enjoy sex as you should without being too worked up before it begins.

Use more robust condoms

A stronger barrier is created by thicker condoms, which could lessen the intensity of sex. It can take longer for you to ejaculate if the emotion you're experiencing is less strong than normal. Because of this, this kind of condom is frequently marketed as providing longer pleasure.

Although little research exists to support this approach, it might be worth giving. The usage of condoms and the amount of time it takes to ejaculate were not linked in a study including men from five different nations, but the study did not include PE patients. Additionally, they didn't demand that participants wear thicker condoms.

Although studies have not demonstrated that thicker condoms are effective, there is no risk in attempting it because condoms are affordable and provide STI protection.

Make pelvic floor muscles stronger

PE has a physical component that, in the past, hasn't received much attention. Your pelvic floor muscles are those, and working on strengthening them may assist with PE.

Kegels are a beneficial workout for the pelvic floor and aren't exclusive for women. Instead of using your back or butt muscles to assist, concentrate on lifting and pulling on your pelvic floor when doing Kegels. Squeeze your abdominal muscles as if you're attempting to hold back urine or stop yourself from passing gas. Your pelvic floor muscles are contracting when you feel that tightness.

Ten to fifteen times, squeeze, holding each time for three seconds, then releasing. At least three times every day, perform this.

Make use of benzocaine wipes

The active component in these wipes is benzocaine, which provides a little numbing effect. Wipes containing benzocaine are typically applied to the penis' most delicate areas, such as the frenulum, a connective tissue band that runs between the penis' head and shaft on the underside. About five minutes before sex, you apply these wipes. To prevent the chemical from spreading to your partner, wait until it has dried before engaging in sex.

The early results of research on these wipes are encouraging. In one study, after using them for two months, participants' average ejaculation times increased. Additionally, participants reported having less performance anxiety and improved orgasmic control.

Apply numbing sprays or lotions.

Other desensitizing products come in a wide variety, similar to benzocaine wipes. Promescent is a topical desensitizer spray that you apply to your penis to lengthen the time between orgasms.

There are other creams available. These gentle numbing substances lessen sensitivity, slowing the onset of orgasms. Lidocaine and benzocaine, two mild anesthetics used to treat PE, are the principal active components in these medications.

Believe about medication

For some people, treating PE may require taking prescription medication. PDE5 inhibitors are prescribed by some medical professionals even though there are no FDA-approved drugs especially for PE. Popular erectile dysfunction medications like sildenafil (brand name Viagra; see Important Safety Information) are among them.

As an off-label remedy, antidepressants such selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can potentially be suggested to you.


In summary, extending the duration of sexual encounters can be achieved through various strategies, including increasing foreplay, using edging techniques, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, using benzocaine wipes, applying numbing sprays or lotions, and considering medication.

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