Caverject medication

Do You Know What Caverject Injections Are Used For?

Caverject is a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in men. It is administered in form of an injection to the side of the penis. Caverject comes in a single dosage 20mcg and 40mcg. The initial medication of Caverject should be done in the doctor’s office/ clinic. The doctor should then carefully advise the patient on how to self-inject themselves at home. Caverject injection is prohibited from people who suffer from sickle cell anemia, low blood pressure, myeloma, leukaemia, deformed penis, penis implant or allergic to Alprostadil.


The initial dosage for Caverject should be 2.5mcg but it can be increased to 5mcg in an hours’ time, depending on how the patient responds. In a period of 24 hours, only a maximum of 2 doses of Caverject can be injected. After injecting the medicine, the erection must not last for more than an hour. No matter the duration of time, the patient should never take a dosage greater than 60mcg. The recommended frequency of Caverject injection is 3 times in a week and there should be a 24-hour difference in between the doses.

Side effects

Out of 294 patients, only One per cent (1%) of patients reported inflammation, itching, swelling, edema, and haemorrhage of the injected part of the penis. They also reported urethral bleeding, penile warmth, numbness, irritation, painful erection, a sensitivity of the penis and abnormal ejaculation. Two per cent (2%) reported penile pain. Other side effects include prolonged erection, low blood pressure, a risk for heart problems and needle breakage.


If the patient experiences a prolonged erection lasting between 4-6 hours, a doctor’s intervention should be sought as soon as possible. If the patient is planning to use Caverject injections for a long period of time, then he should have regular checkups to avoid him from getting penile fibrosis. Patients suffering from cavernosal venous leakage are likely to develop hypotension so they should avoid taking the injection. Also, remember that Caverject injections cannot prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

If you may be in search of an alternative to Caverject injection, you can buy Vidalista 20mg pills. Vidalista reviews (Vidalista have proved them to be among the best oral tablets for Erectile Dysfunction treatment.

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