Cavera medication
Since the late 90s, a multitude of drugs engineered to curb Erectile Dysfunction (ED) have been produced under different brand names but with limited choice of active ingredients. The active component Sildenafil in the Caverta dilates blood vessels in the pelvic region to allow seamless blood flow. Taking ED medication alone does not guarantee an erection for a man, implying that there must be sexual stimulation to make use of the seamless blood flow. All
Tadafil tablets
Tadafil is an ingredient of erectile dysfunction treating pills while also serving as a treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension. In both instances, it is marketed under different names. Cialis is the brand name given to the pills used to treat erectile dysfunction while Adcirca is the brand name of the pulmonary arterial hypertension medicine. Cialis tends to take result more swiftly than other ED medication, that is, typically 30 minutes after consumption. How it works
Tadalista 20
Sexual health of men is often undermined by erectile dysfunction, a condition in which erections last for just very short periods of time. Many manufacturers have come up with different drugs for use in assisting men to have erections and enjoy their sex lives. People suffering from erectile dysfunction can take Tadalista and expect treatment for up to 36 hours. This is not a permanent cure for erectile dysfunction but it helps when the need
Edegra tablets
An excellent Erectile Dysfunction (ED) medicine, Edegra contains amounts of Sildenafil Citrate that act on the reproductive system when taken. All Erectile Dysfunction medication contain phosphodiesterase type-5, an enzyme that controls blood flow in blood vessels. The PDE5 inhibitors prevent PDE5 from working too quickly as is often the case with erectile dysfunction patients. The only close comparable medication is Viagra which has similar quality and safety features. It works by increasing the amount of blood
Avanafil effectivness
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is referred to as the incapability of a man to have an erection. Without an erection, a man cannot be able to perform sexual intercourse and if this goes unresolved, it can bring a toll on a couple’s sexual life. Avanafil medication, therefore, was created to solve this problem so that couples can continue to enjoy their sexual life. Avanafil causes an increase of the blood flow to the penis, enabling the
Caverject medication
Caverject is a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in men. It is administered in form of an injection to the side of the penis. Caverject comes in a single dosage 20mcg and 40mcg. The initial medication of Caverject should be done in the doctor’s office/ clinic. The doctor should then carefully advise the patient on how to self-inject themselves at home. Caverject injection is prohibited from people who suffer from sickle cell anemia, low blood pressure,
Vardenafil tablets
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a real issue that quite a number of men deal with day in day out. It could be as a result of health issues, age, poor diet and many other reasons. However, men suffering from ED can still have a sexually fulfilling life, thank God for the discovery of Vardenafil tablets. Vardenafil is a treatment given to men suffering from ED and impotence problems. It causes the blood vessels muscles to
Staxyn vs Levitra
Staxyn and Levitra are both produced by the same company. Levitra has been on the market long before Staxyn. Also, both drugs are designed essentially to prevent erectile dysfunction. Staxyn, on the other hand, has gained a reputation as an innovative medication for helping men experiencing impotency issues feel a lot more comfortable when it comes to having sex. Although it contains virtually the same ingredients as Levitra, Staxyn dissolves faster making it a more
Stendra vs Viagra
Millions of men all over the world are experiencing erectile dysfunction. And as we advance in age, the number is expected to increase. As a result, many men are looking for a treatment that is not only safe but also effective. While Viagra has been the most popular drug for treating ED for more than a decade, a new and more effective treatment option is now taking the market by storm – Stendra. Stendra, the
yohimbe increase of testosterone
Yohimbe is the name of a medicinal tree found in central and western regions of Africa. Its bark has a chemical called yohimbine and it is the one which is used to make Yohimbe medicine. This medication is well recognized for treating erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. It also used by women for sexual excitement because it increases the testosterone levels. It is also used by athletes to enhance their performance. People struggling with weight