8 habits that destroy your erection

8 habits that destroy your erection

Occasional weak or failed erection can happen to any man from time to time. Even if you have a strong erection today, the day when an unhealthy lifestyle will cause your problems may come. The strength of an erection depends directly on how you live, what you eat and, last but not least, who you sleep with. A strong and healthy erection requires a healthy heart and blood vessels. Whatever restricts penis blood flow will also limit your erection.

What harms your erection?

1) BPA (Bisphenol-A)

BPA is a chemical substance that causes hormonal imbalance in male body and increases production of the female hormone estrogen. These hormonal changes disrupt optimal testosterone level, which is important for achieving and maintaining a strong erection. Unfortunately, BPA can be found almost everywhere - in plastics, clothing, cosmetics, even in water and soil. Unfortunately, BPA cannot be avoided, but you can make shopping changes and buy plastic packed food as little as possible and thus reduce consumption and generated waste to a bare minimum.

2) Unhealthy eating habits

Diet that is of a poor quality and contains too much fat clogs blood vessels with cholesterol. It is important to realize the importance of a healthy, varied and fresh diet in advance. However, too much fat is not the only problem, but also too much sweet, salty, canned, fried and burnt food. If you follow such diet, you will not only experience problems with high blood pressure, but also the inability to get an erection.

3) Soy and soy products

Although soy is commonly included in a healthy diet, especially for vegetarians and vegans, it is a bit of a disappointment. Excessive and frequent consumption of soy demonstrably reduces testosterone levels and thus weakens erection. Soy contains estrogen-like substances that reduce the production of one´s own testosterone. Without sufficient testosterone levels, it is difficult not only to get an erection, but also to have a strong libido.

4) Lack of sleep

The ideal length of sleep differs for everyone. Some people need less, some people need more. However, one should always sleep for at least 5 hours a day, otherwise a risk of erection problems arises. The body, which is tired, considers maintaining an erection a secondary function and devotes all its strength to other organs. We also do not recommend refueling with coffee or energy drinks. These stimulants lead to increased damage of the blood walls and blood flow. Lack of sleep also reduces testosterone production, as this hormone is produced in the body during deep sleep.

5) Disruptive bedroom elements

Such disturbing elements include, for example, a small child who shares a bedroom with you. Study concludes, that intermittent sleep reduces testosterone production by up to 7%. Similarly, you can be constantly on the lookout as to not to be caught "in the act" or, conversely, to not to wake up the child.

6) Sedentary lifestyle and prolonged couch surfing

Testosterone is not only produced during sleep, but also from sunlight. By staying inside and watching TV, you are causing to be vitamin D defficient, leading to your testosterone level to drop by up to 20%. Spend at least 25 minutes outside each day.

7) Don't do too much sports

Although sport is healthy for the body, extremely hard and exhausting workouts have just the opposite effect. Top athletes who over-work daily can have their testosterone levels up to 17% lower.

8) Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the main  erection, libido a testosterone killers, and as such it is well known. This applies to all alcohol you consume in large quantities. You should not indulge in more than 2 small beers or 2 glasses of something harder a day. Any larger amount is harmful not only to the erection but also to the whole body.

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